By John Grant | Florida Today (Opinion)

Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis announced plans to address the role pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, play in the high costs so many of us are paying for prescription drugs. Floridians don’t need academic research or statistical studies to tell them that we’re paying more than we should for the medications we need. We feel it at the pharmacy counter on a regular basis and that’s why the governor’s push, and the state legislature’s action, is so important.

It would be difficult to find a Floridian who doesn’t have a story to tell about how high out-of-pocket prescription drug costs have affected them. I’m among them after having been told by my local pharmacist that a one-month supply of a prescribed medication would cost me $5,000 out of pocket, only to be told by my insurance company that I could reduce that cost to $25 by ordering a two-month supply. We are receiving our medicines within a system that seemingly has little rhyme or reason to it, but that can put seniors with serious health conditions and who may be on a fixed income in terrible positions.

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