Florida lawmakers are currently debating three pieces of legislation that would help insured families who rely on medical therapies to stay healthy. These bills need to be turned into law, and we need your help to cross the finish line. Will you reach out to your representatives and tell them how important these issues are? It will only take a minute.

Below, please find a brief description of each bill and how it will help Florida, and then click to tell your legislators to take action.

House Bill 199/Senate Bill 98 helps you get the treatment you need without having to delay or jump through unnecessary bureaucratic hoops. The legislation limits “fail-first” protocols—an insurance process requiring patients to try one or more treatments before they can take what their doctor recommends—for Floridians whose health could suffer as a result. It also creates a smoother process for physicians to request insurance coverage for your medications.  Take Action >>>

House Bill 229/Senate Bill 360 helps ensure that Floridians receive the health plan they signed up for during open enrollment. Known as the bait-and-switch bill, the legislation stops commercial health plans from unfairly increasing out-of-pocket costs, removing coverage of medications or otherwise reducing of prescription coverage during the year, when consumers are locked into that health plan. This bill is sponsored by Representative Massullo and Senator Mayfield.  Take Action >>>