Florida lawmakers are considering two pieces of legislation to improve access to critical treatments, and FAIRx hopes the state will continue down this promising path. Click here to learn more and contact state lawmakers.


Increasingly, insurers are rejecting your doctor’s orders and requiring you to try one, or multiple, treatments before you can access the medication your doctor recommends. Commonly known as “fail first,” this insurance practice can keep you from the treatment you need – and keep you sicker for longer. Doctors need the ability to quickly and efficiently request an exception to fail-first protocols when the medication that the insurer wants is not appropriate. Physicians should be able to treat patients with the right medicine.


Health insurers are increasingly designing their plans in order to shift larger portions of health care costs onto people with chronic diseases. One of the key ways they do this is by increasing out-of-pocket costs for critical treatments. As a result, the sickest among us are facing tough choices – even after paying premiums or meeting a deductible.


The coverage that was marketed to Floridians during open enrollment can change at any time during the year, leaving you stuck for months on a plan that doesn’t work. Health plans can change out-of-pocket costs, require fail first practices even if you’re already on a treatment and even remove coverage of a medication altogether. This health plan bait-and-switch happens all too often.


Are your treatment out-of-pocket costs causing hardship for you or your family? We want to hear from you. Share your story here.

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